Natural Epsom Salt 3kg

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Our Epsom bath salt is made from 100 per cent pure Magnesium Sulphate. This is an essential mineral which when added to a bath is absorbed through the skin and helps alleviate stress, relieve aches and pains and cleanse the body.


  • Source of Magnesium: Essential for wellbeing, absorb this important mineral through the skin to boost your body’s stores.
  • Pre-Sleep Relaxation: Enjoy a restful night’s sleep as magnesium helps to keep you calm and peaceful.
  • Helps Relieve Stress: Reduce stress by maintaining optimum levels of magnesium to regulate the nervous system.
  • Soothes Body & Mind: The anti-inflammatory effects of magnesium will relax and ease muscle tension.

 How it works:

  1. When Epsom Salt is added to water it breaks down into Magnesium and Sulphate
  2. As you bathe, these minerals are quickly absorbed through the highly porous epidermis 
  3. They travel straight to the muscles and blood vessels beneath, bypassing the digestive system where minerals can be lost
  4. Epsom Salt provides a natural, effective alternative to taking magnesium capsules and tablets.

Customer Reviews

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elizabeth Broughton
Head East Epsom Salts

I find these are the best Salts that I have tried, a genuinely high quality product and the delivery service is extremely efficient too.


We use the Head East Epsom Salts in our baths for relaxation, but they also do a good job of cleaning and refreshing the skin and helping muscle fatigue after exercise esp weights. Helps DOMS too.

Mid-life game changer!

My husband and I have been using Head East's Epsom Salts for months and are now complete converts. Fantastic for muscle aches and fatigue and I definitely sleep a lot better after an Epsom Salt bath in the evenings. Also wake up in the morning feeling a lot less "creaky". My skin feels fantastic. Attractive packaging that looks great in the bathroom and conveniently sized. We even took a pack on our recent cycling holiday! We are on a monthly subscription which makes it super easy and convenient. Highly recommend this product.

Transforms post running recovery

I love using these after running as they definitely help with my aching legs!

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