At Head East, we believe that mental and physical wellbeing is the key to a happy and healthy life.

The company was founded by three commodity traders Rory, Simon and Luca who are expert in sourcing high quality ingredients. Adelaide has a science background and is our new product and innovations manager.

As many supplements on the market are manufactured in far away places with very little in the way of quality certification, we wanted to change this. Our supplements are manufactured at state of the art, fully certified facilities in Oxfordshire and Yorkshire. We source the very best ingredients to ensure we produce high quality, fully certified and sustainable supplements. We listen to our customers and we will continue to develop our range based on what we hear, as well as advice from health care experts.

The guiding principle behind Head East's branding is nature’s Golden Ratio, a symmetrical configuration seen widely across the natural world, in shells, flowers and the human body. The Golden Ratio represents the beauty, balance and power of nature and our dedication to achieving balance, health and success in our lives. It reminds us of the strong foundation our products have in the natural world. Our products do not include any sugar, preservatives, sweeteners, colours or artificial flavours.