Natural Vitamin C Complex

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This is our supportive supplement for when life is busy and stressful. During times of stress our Vitamin C levels can drop which is why it is important to supplement your body’s levels. 


  • Supercharges the Immune System: Vitamin C contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress and can shorten the length of colds.
  • Promotes healthy skin and teeth: Vitamin C benefits the formation of collagen, the protein which builds your skin.
  • Optimises energy and recovery: Helps with normal physiological function, prompting normal energy metabolism and protecting cells from oxidative stress - all three functions also work to improve depleted energy levels.
  • Supports recovery after exercise: Vitamin C helps form collagen which supports your body’s muscle growth and tissue repair, which is especially important after exercise.


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I have been taking these for a month. Seem good value. I crush them as they are too big to swallow, but worth it for the good it is doing. Taking it in conjunction with Collagen, and the combo gives visible results - better skin, fewer wrinkles, less tired-looking. Thank you Head East, now trying some of your other products.

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