Beat the Winter Cold and Flu

Beat the winter cold and flu:

The cold and flu season is upon us and many of us are already experiencing some coughing and sneezing. 

According to the CDC, common colds are the main reason that adults miss work. Don't let this be you! This winter, take extra precautions to strengthen your immune system by topping up on the vital vitamins and minerals.

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Why are colds worse in the winter?

Common cold and flu viruses try to gain entry into our bodies through our noses. Fortunately, our nasal lining has sophisticated defence mechanisms against these microbial intruders. Viruses become trapped in the mucus, which is then moved by tiny hairs called cilia that line our nasal passages. It reaches our stomach acid where the microbes are then neutralized. 

However, cold air cools the nasal passage and slows down the mucus clearance. Cold air also slows down the action of phagocytes, the cells which engulf viruses. Therefore, the immune system finds it harder to fight off microbes during cooler temperatures.

What you can do to beat the flu:

Dr Dick Middleton, pharmacist and director of the British Herbal Medicine Association stresses the importance in “eating a balanced diet containing lots of fruit and vegetables.” In addition, taking a vitamin supplement to further support your immune system can go a long way in helping your body fight illnesses before they begin.

Supplementing Zinc and Selenium are particularly important. Dr Dick Middleton confirms that "zinc, taken within 24 hours of the onset of symptoms, can shorten the duration of colds.” 

At Head East we have developed the The Super Immune Support supplement for exactly this reason. It is packed with Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin C to give your body the helping hand it needs to beat the winter colds and flu. 

Taking a regular Vitamin C supplement such as our Natural Vitamin C Complex has several benefits, including:

- Reduced cold severity: Vitamin C reduces the symptoms of a cold, making it less severe.

- Reduced cold duration: Vitamin C supplements decrease recovery time by 8% in adults on average.

Waste no time! Shop our range of vitamins and minerals today to support your immune system against seasonal colds and flu. 

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